Documents Required for application of ToR – BNO holder

  • Passport
  • Packing List
  • Proof of United Kingdom Address
  • Proof of Hong Kong Address within the last 3 months before migration

Timeline for United Kingdom Shipment (Estimate)

Various Size of Carton Boxes

Large size box: 17”x15”x26”/ For packing of bedding / Kitchen ware

Flat box: 36”x20”x10” For packing of suites

Medium size box: 20”x19”x18” For packing of cloths / quilt

Hanging wardrobe: 20”x18”x45” For packing of long cloths, coat

Small size box: 16”x14”x14” For packing of heavy item Such as books, CD, glassware

Individual Liftvan

Storage Facilities

Packing of Special Items